Welcome to Zodiac Griddlers! It’s about time that universe unravels some of it’s mysteries to those who are eager to learn. Is there really a connection between the movement of the planets and our lives?
How does cosmos affect us? This game has some of the answers, as well as 120 exciting griddlers, 12 beautiful locations dedicated to zodiac signs, completely otherworldly music that will take you away from all your troubles, and other pleasant surprises. So tell me… What’s your sign?
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You can download Griddlers – Tropical Delight on GameHouse site or on BigFish site.
Griddlers – Tropical Delight is the perfect antidote to those winter blues! Feel the sun warming you, smell the salt in the air, hear the ocean… and watch some of the most beautiful Griddles come to life under your fingers. So what are you waiting for? Grab your beach towel and relax with Griddlers – Tropical Delight!
create 120 unique Griddles in beautiful colors
earn souvenirs to keep your memories alive
relax to soothing music while you play
explore 12 different tropical locations
You can download Marie Antoinette’s Solitaire on GameHouse site or on BigFish site
You’re invited to play Marie Antoinette’s Solitaire!
Take a peek into the life of Queen Marie Antoinette, a royal who knew how to have fun.
Discover a life of young royalty, full of luxurious clothing, thrilling masquerades, and delightful picnics.
Earn beautiful trophies and help Marie pick out accessories for her signature hairdo –
all by playing the classic game Marie Antoinette’s Solitaire.
– play your way through 120 unique solitaire levels
– revel in the luxury of 12 different locations
– earn beautiful trophies for the queen’s boudoir
– keep yourself busy with over 10 hours of play
So join us now in this incredible Victorian game!
We are waiting for your professional point of view. Come and play!


Are you looking for the most colorful and bright emotions for kids?
Give them an amazing world of the caramel valleys, jelly hills and ice-cream mountains.
Everything you will find in Yammix is made of sweets!
Try yourself as a great confectioner, a spirited researcher or an enthusiastic inventor.
Enjoy the fantastic journey together with cute and funny characters.
Play with yummy jellies, vivid candies, tasty cakes and delicious muffins.
Meet the fascinating and peaceful Yammix world!


Get ready for the new and intense entertainment for your fingers. Pop the bright bubbles, do not miss any donuts and save sweet Yammix world from the dangerous thorns.
Start playing right now and plunge into the marvelous adventure.
Despite the simple gameplay, this app is so interesting and dynamic that it pulls you in instantly! Many non-recurring levels with variations of boosters and obstacles will not leave you bored for any second.
Test your agility. Can you collect all the stars on the level? How about endurance? How long can you hold on in arcade mode? Download Double Bubble Smash and become the bubble popping champion.
Try to perform all the feats together with Hercules on GameHouse site
or downloaded it from BigFish site now!
Heroes aren’t made in a day, and our soon-to-be hero Hercules surely has a lot ahead of him. By the will of gods, he sets off to perform great feats, change Hellas forever and ascend on Mount Olympus to become immortal. He hits the road with nothing but strength in his arms and a dream to find his path. Defeat terrible beasts and mighty warriors, outsmart deceitful kings or talk your way out of trouble, earn gorgeous trophies – all while solving beautiful brain-twisting nonograms.
We are waiting for your reviews!
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The Roaring Twenties: music, dances, luxury cars, and grand parties. Don’t you just wish you could go back? Well, now you can! Dive into an unforgettable journey through time. Head over to a burlesque party, listen to a jazz concert, and go to all the best casinos. Take in the sights and sounds, solve fascinating card puzzles and earn wonderful trophies in Roaring Twenties.
-discover 120 unique levels of gripping card puzzles
-feast your eyes on 12 different twenties locations
-enjoy the authentic swing and jazz music
-immerse yourself in over 10 hours of game play
Be the first to play our marvellous game! You can download it on BigFish site.
Courage in the name of salvation!
Discover new lands, gather resources with brave Vikings in search of their stolen Queen!
Become the part of the Viking age! Save Her Majesty!
Tragedy came to peacefull Viking village on the Alsen island. Jealous Ruans couldn’t stand prosperous life of glorious warriors and they decided to kidnap their Queen Eidyn, hoping that her disappearence will bring chaos and decadence to their lands.
Three brave warriors embarked on a journey to save their Queen in the name of Justice.
Join the adventure! Help brave Vikings save their Queen and bring down evil Ruans. Bring back peace and prosperity to the Alsen lands!
Very soon you can help them. Follow our updates to be the first to do that!
Find Griddlers – Tale of Mysterious Creatures HERE
Good news, Friends, we got our new game realised!
“Griddlers – Tale of Mysterious Creatures” enters an epic world of vast deserts, icy fields, and dark forests. Visit every corner of the world of Orbis, and meet the guardians of the elements. By completing the unique puzzles, you’ll unlock Orbis’ hidden power, and restore the world’s balance. Go on a journey through a dangerous and fascinating world in Griddlers – Tale of Mysterious Creatures.
– discover 120 unique levels and 10 hours of game play
– meet 6 different mysterious creatures
– enjoy the vivid and detailed graphics
– dive into the history of an amazing fantasy world
Download this marvellous game on GameHouse or BigFish site.
Maidens of the Ocean Solitaire is a watery tale you won’t soon forget! It’s the time of year when every mermaid in the ocean attends the fabulous aquatic party. Help the lovely merfolk prepare by escorting them to the event. Discover gorgeous locations, meet charming sea inhabitants, and enjoy the ambience with enchanting music. Go with the flow and play Maidens of the Ocean Solitaire today!
– play 120 unique levels
– discover 12 gorgeous locations
– soak in stunning visuals and artwork
– relax with flowing music and ambience
Be the first to play our marvellous game! You can download it on BigFish site.
Complete unique solitaire layouts set alongside the classic themes from King Arthur and his adventures in Camelot!
You have all heard about King Arthur. Bits and pieces of the legend are found in all sorts of games and literature. Gallant knights fighting bravely for their ladies–in–waiting, heroes slaying dragons, all in a peaceful kingdom called Camelot, run by King Arthur, with the old wizard Merlin by his side. Arthur represents a man who was the epitome of good against evil, light against darkness, and that eternal, never-ending struggle between what is right and that which is wrong.
  • 120 unique levels
  • 12 locations
  • Earn trophies for the King
  • Authentic music
  • Over 10 hours of play
Be the first to play our marvellous game! You can download it on BigFish site.
In Flowers Garden Solitaire you will be whisked away to a peaceful world of gorgeous flowers and abundant gardens. From desert flowers and cacti to flowering cherry blossoms and lake lilies, immerse yourself in a multi colored oasis. Journey through multiple gardens all around the world, discover fascinating maps and meditative gameplay while unlocking achievements and earning trophies.
  • 12 fantastic gardens
  • 120 unique levels
  • Relaxing music
  • Over 10 hours of play
Unbelievable! Somebody has stolen the sun! You have to help our brave characters to find the thief.
Unique duo of Giraffe and Elephant are going for the adventure. They need a help with solving mysterious stars disappearing.
Are you ready to become a great detective? Arm yourself with attentiveness and persistence to bring light into the reason of dark night sharply coming. Find the stars, learn the constellation, and return the sun into the sky!
This fantastic fairy tale with a great number of the amazing animals will bring you immense pleasure and gladness. Do not miss a chance to become a hero and save savanna from the dark.
Hurry up! The Healthy Food world is in a big danger!
You must protect it from evil Fast Food clowns. They have destroyed fruit homes, ravaged vegetable stalls, and flooded roads with slippery ketchup.
You have to save its peaceful inhabitants from the cruelty of these villains!
You will find a fascinating chase after the evil clowns. However, be careful with fast food!
Hamburgers, french fries, and Tacos will try to stop you by any means.
But your family is no joke either, they will have your back covered.
What are you waiting for? Let’s play!

There are so many games where you must grab the buildings, capture the territory and take over the companies. Nice ideas, but they have already palled. We propose you to play Viruses – a truly new board game. Feel yourself as an insidious sore. Your goal – a human! To win you need to infect him in full. But it’s not so easy to do because there are a lot of viral cells in our game, as in a human body, and they are managed by your friends! So you will get a really intense struggle! Reveal yourself as an excellent strategist and show them who is who! Given that your success depends on your and your opponents’ strategy, do not miss the opportunity to resort to skilful bluff and clever psychological tricks.
Did the carpenter Jack think that he would have to run from his own cat?
Probably not! Anyway, he would have hammered a nail more careful!
A powerful blow of the hammer caused change of space and decreased our hero to the mousy size!
What he have to do? Find out it playing Mace Runner!
Help Jack because he is a master of getting into the scrapes!
The adventure should be very amusing because a humor have never let Jack down even in the most extreme situations.
This game is full of funny jokes and droll gags. The ocean of entertainment is guaranteed!

Audiophiles rejoice! Especially for you Deyteris Game studio started development of Disco 80.
The main idea of which, that you don’t have to listen bored music during playing game.
You can create your own playlist and listen to it while you enjoy tapping on the neon figures that flashes to the music beat.
This unique rhythm game with your favorite music will never annoy you.

This is an unforgettable adventure to the world of Victorian England!
Many levels, where you can play as a lord or madam. It is really fresh view on card games design.
Variety of amazing locations designed in pastel colors that immerse player into beautiful world of the Victorian epoch.
The project was made for “8floor games” and “Creobit”.
Griddlers Victorian Picnic is an exciting adventure in the world of griddlers without a pencil and paper!
There are 120 griddlers of varying difficulty in a total of 6 picturesque locations.
Players can stroll through an unforgettable London park, enjoy its wonderful alleys and get tons of memorable souvenirs.
Every new level is another puzzle that transports players into the Victorian age and rewards with a beautiful picture concealed in the tiles.
For more convenience, the game includes 2 types of training: 1 for beginners and 1 for veterans of this fun genre.
Griddlers Victorian Picnic is an intellectual game for people who love logic puzzles and wants to dive into the age of Victorian England.
The project was made for “8floor games” and “Creobit”.