Antivirus solutions based on GFI products
Deyteris is an official partner of GFI Software and implements network and content security solutions for small and medium enterprises based on software:
GFI Webmonitor - monitoring and control over the use of web access;
GFI MailEssentials - server solution for protection against spam;
GFI MailSecurity - protection against virus threats and other malware;
GFI MailArchiver is a mail archiving solution that solves all the problems of working with e-mail messages.
GFI Webmonitor
Complete control and security of access of your employees on the Internet
  • Monitoring and control over the use of web access.

GFI WebMonitor increases employee productivity by giving you complete control and a powerful tool for monitoring their online activity, sites visited, and real-time downloads. Studies have shown that more than 40% of employees use the Internet for personal purposes. The online monitoring tool protects your network from the effects of malware by checking files downloaded by employees for viruses.

  • Web filtering with a base of over 205,000,000 URL
GFI WebMonitor provides a powerful database of categorized sites, allowing you to resolve or block access to them for each user or for groups of users, such as adult content, games, personal mail, P2P, vkontakte, classmates, etc. The database is updated daily and is constantly expanding. You can send us the URL to the queue to add from the product management console, and they will be added to the database in a few hours!
  • Malware and phishing protection
GFI WebMonitor provides three built-in antivirus kernels to protect against malware: BitDefender, Norman and Kaspersky, as well as a powerful database of phishing sites to prevent theft of personal data of employees.
  • Proxy-level caching

The caching feature allows you to store frequently requested documents and resources on the server in case of re-access to them - this dramatically reduces the waiting time to download the desired file, load on the network channel, and saves traffic.

  • Scan HTTPS traffic

GFI WebMonitor can decrypt secure SSL traffic, check its contents for malicious code, and then encrypt it back and transmit it to the user, without which it is impossible to ensure complete security of downloading content from the network.

  • Quota of access by time and volume of traffic

Using GFI WebMonitor, the administrator can set limits on the amount of traffic used and time spent by users on sites of a particular subject. When the limit is exceeded, users receive a message.

  • Customizable ban pages

GFI WebMonitor can display any page you create with a denial of access message if the user has exceeded the quotas or tried to access the banned site. Messages on prohibitory pages can be displayed in Russian.

  • Interactive real-time statistics

GFI WebMonitor allows the administrator to see user activity in real time by interactively viewing visited sites by users, groups, IPs and domains.

Why GFI WebMonitor?
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Three antivirus cores for a high degree of protection
  • Full access control and protection against information leakage through phishing sites
  • Protection against dangerous downloads in real time

GFI MailEssentials

Server solution for spam protection

The most effective way to beat SPAM is to use GFI MailEssentials, a leading anti-SPAM solution that has numerous awards and thousands of customers.

GFI MailEssentials includes not one, but two anti-SPAM protection, giving administrators the highest level of mail filtering with minimal settings. Including 14 levels of mail filtering and advanced technology, GFI MailEssentials not only filters 99% of spam, but also has the lowest level of false positives.

Available in excellent value for money, GFI MailEssentials is easy to use, and built-in techniques for effective spam detection show high results even without the need for fine-tuning. IP filtering, Bayesian analysis, graylists, address collection protection, and many other filters are included in the product, providing a powerful anti-spam tool.

GFI MailEssentials detects and blocks phishing attacks, and adds useful tools for managing mail, including automatic signatures, mail monitoring, reporting, mailing servers, automated replies, and downloading emails from remote POP3 servers.

Why GFI MailEssentials?
  • Thousands of installations around the world, numerous awards
  • The highest level of spam detection (more than 99%) using multi-level filtering
  • The lowest level of false positives
  • Reliable server protection against spam at an affordable price
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, and any SMTP mail servers
GFI MailSecurity
Anti-virus solution to protect corporate mail at the server level

Increased activity of virus threats and other malware, as well as the presence of vulnerabilities in email clients and server software means a high degree of threat to corporate mail and network. The wide variety of possible threats and the rapid increase in the number of new viruses make the use of a single antivirus engine at the workstation level inefficient. GFI MailSecurity provides for protection not one, but five antivirus solutions at the server level.

With several antivirus engines:

  1. The waiting time for current signatures to protect against the latest threats is reduced
  2. The unsurpassed power of a set of antiviruses (no antivirus alone can fully protect against threats)
  3. The risk of malware entering the company's internal network is dramatically reduced
  4. The only product for the protection of e-mails with excellent value for money
  5. With numerous rewards and thousands of customers, GFI MailSecurity works as a FireWall, protecting you from viruses, exploits, malware, and other attacks targeting your company. With the free GFI MailSecurity ReportPack application, you get a powerful reporting tool to get a complete picture of what is happening on your mail server.
Why GFI MailSecurity?
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange Lotus Domino platforms and all other SMTP servers
  • Several antivirus cores provide a high degree of protection
  • Unique unknown software scanner protects against malware that has not yet entered the antivirus database

GFI MailArchiver

Mail archiving for small, medium and large companies

Emails are a critical component of the business, which includes many issues - limited media space, periodic backups, problems with PST files, access to old emails to solve organizational problems and compliance with standards. Serious treatment of these problems can lead to catastrophic results.

GFI MailArchiver is a mail archiving solution that solves all the problems of working with e-mail messages for Exchange Server. With numerous awards and thousands of customers, this solution has proven itself among companies of all sizes. GFI MailArchiver is used by administrators around the world to support and archive all corporate mail, significantly reducing the cost of resources on the Exchange server, dramatically reducing the risk of damage to PST files, as well as providing a tool to comply with eDiscovery standards. The product is easy to install, requires a minimum of administration and comes with excellent value for money.

The GFI MailArchiver interface is translated into various languages, and also supports work with letters in the Unicode format.

The product is now available in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Russian.

With GFI MailArchiver, all mail is stored centrally, with easy access to the list of emails: through a regular Outlook client or through a full-fledged web interface.

Using the audit feature, you can use archival correspondence for investigations, ensuring that the letters have not been altered or falsified.

Why GFI MailArchiver?
  • Access to mail in the archive of any antiquity with 100% preservation of all letters and guarantee of integrity
  • Access the archive from Outlook, including Outlook 2010 without problems with Exchange stub files
  • Unloading and a sharp increase in the performance of the mail server
  • Powerful search system that supports the Russian language
  • Archive all mail in a database, simplifying the problem of backing up individual PST files
  • Complete reliable archiving of all incoming and outgoing mail on the network
  • Reduce the space allocated for Exchange mail storage
  • Reduce risks from PST files
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