Advanced tire monitoring system with software interface for mining, agriculture and port handling. Reduces downtime, maximizes tire operating hours, significantly reduces fuel consumption and makes working conditions safer.
The driver can monitor in real-time the influence of various conditions on tire pressure and temperature. In the event of a problem with the tire, the driver receives an emergency notification. The in-cab display makes it easy to find faults. The display unit has visual and audible alarms.
Smart sensors that adjust the transmission rate to obtain accurate pressure and temperature readings under all operating conditions for maximum battery life. The sensors installed inside the tire provide more accurate data than external pressure and temperature measuring devices.
The compact design of the central unit allows it to be installed in places with limited space. The robust, dust-proof housing makes the central unit simple and unpretentious to use.
The central unit receives, processes, stores data and transmits it to the server. The display is connected to the central unit and provides all data to the driver. The server monitors the tire pressure and temperature parameters and notifies the driver about the violation of these indicators, and also transmits information to the dispatcher, stores and processes it in order to predict the expected results, generating appropriate reports.
DT - is an advanced system with a software interface, equipped with everything necessary for effective monitoring and control of the state of the tires. Easy to use.

- Concise and informative visualization of tire condition on one screen.

- Tires requiring attention change from green to orange and then to red as their condition worsens.

-The server monitors all vehicles in the fleet and sends appropriate notifications to staff when a situation requires attention.

Automatic reception, storage and processing of data. Remote configuration of settings. Full display of temperature and pressure data on your monitor in one window. Real-time event notifications on your computer. Event notifications and messages can be automatically sent by email or smartphone. Filtering events and different levels of access to information are customizable for each user.
Visualization of the state at the current moment and for a certain period of time. Analysis and data processing. Predicting results. Assessment of the risks of tire failure. Recommendations for planning maintenance and repair.
Intelligent analysis
Complete information map in real-time. Wheel state configuration, notifications and network settings. The ability to extract log data for review or save it for later review. Possibility of updating nodes.
  • Flexible Deployment
  • DtirePro gives you the flexibility to integrate into your existing data infrastructure. Install DtirePro Server locally on Windows or Linux for full control of your firewall. You can also deploy DtirePro in the public cloud using AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform to leverage your existing cloud investments.

The company reserves the right to make changes to the system design and application interface to improve its functionality
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