Data center
  • Development of architectural and technical concept of data center
    Deyteris has been operating in the Ukrainian market since 2010. The company has the necessary experience in designing and implementing data center concepts.
  • Design of communications and engineering systems
    Design and development of all systems is offered not only as a part of complex integration projects, but also as independent service, for example, for equipping server rooms with an engineering infrastructure.
  • Complex project management
    All Deyteris sites and engineering systems, taking into account the best experience and industry standards for the construction of data centers for large companies - banks, telecommunications, industrial enterprises.
  • Supply of equipment, materials and software
    Deyteris provides IT with everything it needs: quality uninterruptible power supply, proper heat dissipation, physical and logical protection of information, comprehensive monitoring and comprehensive management of the entire infrastructure.
  • Maintenance during operation of the data center
    The experience of our specialists guarantees the smooth operation of your data center and infrastructure. Our specialists have competencies in the creation of engineering systems: guaranteed, uninterruptible power supply, SCS, air conditioning and ventilation, ACS, video surveillance, as well as in the integration and creation of IT infrastructure.
  • Data storage and processing systems
    Deyteris is a partner of leading manufacturers and offers solutions for centralized management of IT and telecommunications infrastructure based on software from various vendors. The solution includes a set of management systems for the telecommunications network, servers and applications, components of the storage system and allows you to simultaneously configure on hundreds of servers.
Hybrid data centers, Private Cloud
HP CloudSystem Matrix is ​​a comprehensive, integrated, open infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution for creating and managing private and hybrid cloud environments ...
Cloud-integrated StorSimple storage (CiS) in combination with Microsoft Azure provides basic storage, backup, backup and disaster recovery ...
Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that combines both IaaS computing infrastructure solutions (servers, data warehouses, networks, operating systems) and a set of tools and services that facilitate the development and deployment of cloud applications (PaaS) ...
VMware is a world leader in virtualization solutions, from desktop systems to data centers. VMware helps businesses of all sizes reduce capital and operating costs, ensure business continuity, increase security and data protection ...
Deyteris offers a range of solutions and procedures to build effective protection against any threats to corporate information security - from auditing existing security systems to creating comprehensive security management solutions.
  • Audit and assessment of information security risks
    Deyteris minimizes the risks of information security breaches by building an effective information security system.
  • Creation of complex information protection systems
    Deyteris pays special attention to the support of implemented solutions during operation, as well as the development and modernization of IT security systems in accordance with customer needs.
  • Web application protection
    Using unsecured web applications increases the risk of unauthorized access to corporate resources and website malfunctions. Therefore, Deyteris provides reliable and effective protection of web applications with the highest quality approach to information security.
  • Protect communication channels and network perimeters
    Protecting information from viruses and spam, combating leakage of confidential data or DDoS attacks are just a few of the tasks included in our range of services.

Many tasks are solved with the help of specialized software. The software allows you to gain additional competitive advantages and increase profits, increase the efficiency and transparency of key business processes, provide the necessary control and reliability of management information. We will help you choose the software you need to solve these problems and carry out high-quality implementation of your chosen products.
  • Sales and integration of licensed software
    Deyteris provides services for the supply, refinement and adaptation of software products from global manufacturers, taking into account the peculiarities of customer business development and their changing needs. The vast experience of the company allows qualified selection of licensed software for the technical requirements of customers on the principle of necessity and sufficiency, ie to implement customer requirements for minimum budgets with the greatest possible functionality. Among the integration services:
    • development of new or change of existing functions and reports of the system, adjustment of integration processes between new and existing systems of the customer;
    • adaptation of the user interface;
    • finalization of documentation for users;
    • technical support of the constructed decision: consultations, adjustment of new functionality, elimination of errors..
  • Business process automation
    Deyteris combines expertise in management consulting and implementation of business applications that cover all levels of operation and management of a modern enterprise. The company has been implementing specialized solutions to improve business processes since 2013. During this time we have gained experience in various industries. Key services and solutions in this area of ​​business process automation:
    • ERP (SAP)
    • CRM
    • BI & DWH
    • Middleware and integration solutions
    • Document flow
    • MES Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions (SaaS)
    Cloud solutions are a model for providing ubiquitous and convenient network access to a common pool of configured computing resources (eg, applications / services, networks, servers, data warehouses, etc.) that can be quickly provided and released with minimal operating costs. When using SaaS there is no need for significant investment at the start of the project, transparent pricing, full-featured implementation of the solution in the shortest possible time, a rapid increase in productivity and the addition of new functionality. Currently, cloud solutions are used for almost any requirement, such as:
    • MicrosoftAzure cloud infrastructure
    • Microsoft Office 365 office suites
    • Cisco Spark and Cisco WebEx collaboration tools
    • online CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
  • IT management systems
    Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) is a set of services for managing IT infrastructure in large companies. OMS allows you to monitor and control the infrastructure, respond quickly to server failures and ensure data security.

    OMS can be used by companies with IT infrastructure of any configuration:

    • ground infrastructure
    • private cloud
    • a hybrid environment that combines public and affiliate cloud services with the company's local data centers
Reliable and modern power supply, ventilation and air conditioning systems, structured cabling systems (SCS), access control system, video surveillance and other engineering systems will not only provide comfortable and safe conditions for employees, operation of IT equipment, but also reduce building costs (OPEX ), with optimal starting CAPEX, will reduce technical and financial risks.
When building engineering infrastructure, we offer optimal solutions that take into account the class of the object, the compatibility of systems. Deyteris implements the full life cycle of engineering infrastructure:
When building engineering infrastructure, we offer optimal solutions that take into account the complexity and features of the object, the complexity, interaction and compatibility of systems, the requirements of national and international regulations.
Deyteris implements the full life cycle of engineering infrastructure:
  • technical inspection of facilities and engineering infrastructure

  • design of engineering systems and networks

  • supply of engineering equipment

  • construction of utilities, installation and commissioning

  • warranty and maintenance of facilities


2.5 exabytes of data are generated daily, and the total amount of data doubles every two years. However, storage budgets are growing very slowly, which only widens the gap between needs and existing storage capacity.
The main goal of a consolidated infrastructure is to integrate a company's data into a single system and maintain centralized information management throughout its life cycle.
Deyteris can assist in the selection, development and implementation of enterprise storage, backup solutions, including disk storage systems, tape libraries and specialized software.

Our experienced architects work to learn the specific business requirements of the client and create a configuration of servers and storage systems focused only on his needs, including:
  • centralization of IT infrastructure for more effective management,
  • reducing the total cost of IT while improving the quality of service (SLA),
  • managing growing data on servers,
  • ensuring the required application performance,
  • optimal use of hardware platforms, local storage,
  • ensuring fault tolerance and scalability,
  • backup and archiving,
  • ensuring business continuity.
Deyteris works with leading manufacturers of multilevel storage systems: IBM, HP, EMC, Fujitsu.

Based on the latest virtualization technologies, Deyteris is developing the concept of "everything as a service", which combines models of providing applications, platforms and infrastructure as a service (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS). Within this concept, we implement a full range of cloud computing.
The use of virtualization allows you to build a flexible, dynamic, scalable work environment and rational use of resources. Modern development of virtualization technologies makes it possible to use them in almost any component of the computing infrastructure:
Virtualization of server equipment
allows you to abstract the operating system and deployed applications from physical server components, which allows you to increase hardware utilization and resource consolidation .
Network virtualization
can implement the basic technologies of physical network equipment by software, which significantly reduces the speed of deployment of new components, increases the security of the solution.
Workplace virtualization
will help to achieve an instant increase in the number of jobs for new employees, provides centralized storage and backup of data, reduces the risk of loss or theft of information.
Application virtualization
increases fault tolerance of decisions, reduces recovery time after failures.
Repository virtualization
an effective way to optimize the use of storage resources.
is a partner of key developers of virtualization solutions: VMware, Microsoft, HP, Citrix, Red Hat.
Deyteris offers solutions in the field of unified communications, ie platforms that integrate e-mail, voice, messaging, audio, video conferencing, etc.
Unified communication systems create a single field of communication for the company's employees, its customers and contractors, provide opportunities for interactive interaction, high fault tolerance and information security.

Advantages of unified communications:
Unified communications systems reduce the cost of IT infrastructure through a single platform and a single user catalog. This simplifies management and reduces administration costs. Some elements can be implemented on existing equipment or integrated with existing enterprise systems.
  • Increasing employee mobility

  • Collaboration and distance learning
  • Security and reliability

Microsoft Licensing
Deyteris offers a wide range of Microsoft license agreements and programs for organizations of various types and sizes:

About licensing

  • Software licensing (software) is a means of protecting an intellectual property object from unauthorized copying. Copyright laws provide for the retention of several exclusive rights by the author (publisher) of the software, one of which is the right to produce copies of the software.
  • By purchasing the software, you purchase a license that entitles you to use it. Terms of use of the software (for example, transfer to another PC, use of previous versions, etc.) are fixed in the agreement fixed in the agreement accompanying delivery of a product:
  • The EULA is the purchase of products shipped with new computers (OEMs) or separately in retail boxed versions (FPP. The EULA is often distributed electronically and is displayed when the product is first launched.
  • If the product is purchased under one of the corporate licensing programs, the product use rules set forth in the Product Conditions (PT) document apply. This document is updated monthly after the "Product Use Rights" and "Product List" documents.
  • You can get acquainted with it by downloading it here: "Conditions for products" (PT).
  • Use of the Web Services under the Microsoft Volume Licensing Program is governed by the Web Services Terms of Use and the Program Agreement. This document is updated monthly after the Microsoft Web Services Rights document.
  • You can view it by downloading it here: "Microsoft Web Services Use Rights"
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) define the availability and connectivity guaranteed for Microsoft Web Services. The deals include Office 365, Intune, Dynamics 365 and Azure.
  • You can read it by downloading it here: "Service Level Agreements (SLAs)"
Benefits of licensed software
Software manufacturers provide the necessary industrial quality of their products - the disk is guaranteed to be read on any PC with a serviceable drive for reading disks, it contains the full original code of the program and does not contain viruses. Pirated copies often work erratically, crash, or are not even installed on your computer. In order to fit as many programs as possible on the disk, pirate disk manufacturers cut entire partitions out of them. Legal users are completely protected from such surprises when buying.

Factors of software reliability and security for any company are risks that have a very specific monetary value.

For organizations that perform such calculations for themselves, it is obvious that the amount of financial losses in the event of any of the risks is much higher than the cost of acquiring the necessary licenses for the software used.

For example, purchasing all the necessary licenses does not exceed 50% of the cost of a PC on average, and it is easy to calculate that even for an enterprise with hundreds of PCs it costs tens of thousands of dollars, and losses in the case of even 2 hours of information system downtime can be hundreds and even millions of dollars. In addition, the information system can be insured only if it is built on licensed software.

Risks for the company associated with the use of unlicensed software:

Risk of general critical system failure leading to downtime;
Risk of leakage of confidential information to competitors;
Risk of damage / loss of valuable data (accounting, customer databases, etc.);
The risk of minor failures of user systems, which affects the productivity of staff;
The risk of seizure of computers by law enforcement agencies, which entails a long simple and significant fine;
The risk of falling confidence in partners and investors due to the inability to audit and certify the company.
Of course, this is not a complete list of risks and each company's specific list of risks will look a little different.
Microsoft's corporate licenses provide significant discounts and allow you to take into account the size of the company, specialization and other features of the customer's business.

Corporate license agreements for commercial organizations:

For small and medium organizations (from 5 to 250 licenses / PC)
For large organizations (from 250 licenses / PC)
Corporate license agreements for specialized organizations:
Government organizations
Educational institution
Medical institutions
Non-profit organizations

25 user licenses
Office 365
corporate E3
Microsoft 365
Business Standard
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trial version of Office 365
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