technology that enables the dissemination of important and useful information among a multimillion audience of mobile subscribers, by replacing telephone beeps with interesting messages (news, advertising, etc.)

Everyone who calls and waits for an answer will hear an interesting message instead of the standard beeps, which cannot be ignored, and therefore the message will be provided with close attention.
On average, one Subscriber receives 20 calls per day, so per month it is 600 calls, ie 600 listens to a message from one Mobile Subscriber. Waiting for an answer lasts an average of 15 seconds, which is equivalent to 5 minutes a day or 2.5 hours a month to receive the required information.
  • Wide audience coverage: mobile subscribers are almost 100% of the population.
  • Every contact is relevant, every message is heard.
  • Easy to make and place an information video (mp3, wav).
  • Ability to quickly and timely update information.
  • Receiving statistics on the number of subscribers connected to the service, on the number of messages sounded.
  • 40 million mobile subscribers!
  • The phone receives 20 calls a day
  • Waiting to answer the call for 15 seconds
  • The man waits for an answer for five minutes a day

It should be noted that listening to the message is not a mandatory criterion, if the Subscriber to whom the answer is answered before the message is heard, the playback of the message will be interrupted. This feature makes the service unobtrusive and does not irritate callers. In this case, if the message is of interest, you can always listen to it by calling back.

Itone is 4 times cheaper than advertising SMS-mailing, thus Itone allows to get rid of shortcomings of SMS-mailing
Itone is 2.5 hours of your advertising per month in mobile networks at a price 4 times cheaper than SMS.
    Full - the consumer will hear advertising instead of beeps
    At a high level thanks to audio advertising
    Emotionally strong
    Buyers' interest in goods and services
A video with informational, advertising or other message is placed on the platforms of Mobile Operators.
The mobile subscriber sends an SMS to a certain short number of the Mobile Operator to install information messages instead of a beep
Within 24 hours (once) it is connected to the service
In the future, all subscribers who call the installed video.
There are different options for setting messages:
giving the Subscriber the opportunity to choose the information he wants to disseminate;
installation of the message without the consent of the Subscriber, in which case the message can be constantly updated.
Each Subscriber has the opportunity to invite friends to participate in the dissemination of the necessary information by sending them an SMS with an invitation.
51% Women
Other 22%
Over 40 years - 9%
An urban resident, who considers himself a middle class, an optimist, a socially active innovator, does not imagine life without the Internet and a mobile phone, attaches importance to his image. Preferences: Internet, communication, music.
41% Study
Circle of communication (mobile contacts)
Social status
78% Peers
49% Men
14% Unemployed
45% Work
12% - Under 18 years
28-40 years - 23%
56%-18-27 years
4 steps that guarantee success:
1. SMS mailing
2. Set a melody instead of beeps
3. Scoring for invited friends
4. Providing participants with discounts in exchange for points Order Itone!
Kyivstar subscribers
24.8 million
Mobile Communication
28.9 million subscribers (excluding Kyivstar)

Advertising RBT
RBT advertising costs:
$ 780 million by 2015

Satellite communication 1 million users
14 million Internet users
Fixed connection
12.2 million subscribers

We fully bear the costs:
To make your commercials, which will be played instead of beeps
To fill the videos on the platform of mobile operators
On the rotation of commercials (during the month you can play 4 videos)
In support of a web service with statistics available to the customer in real time in his personal account on the site
Every day the phone receives 20 calls
In the middle of the month 600 weeks. The same style will sound your advertisement

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