Installed software (OEM)

Microsoft software may be included with your computer as a preinstalled version.
The OEM version usually includes a Certificate of Authenticity (COA), a distribution with the product, a license agreement with the end user (can only be submitted electronically).
The main distinguishing feature of OEM versions is that they are "tied" to the computer on which they were originally installed and cannot be transferred to a replacement computer or any other PC.

Sales rules
Unlike boxed products, which have bright packaging designed for display, OEM versions have technological packaging made of brown cardboard. Depending on the product and delivery options, the packaging may contain 1 or 3 separate OEM software licenses.

The system vendor, by disclosing the technology packaging, thereby accepts the terms of the "Microsoft System Builder License". In particular, these terms oblige the supplier to distribute individual OEM licenses from the packaging only as part of fully assembled computer systems, and in the case of desktop operating systems and applications, there is also a requirement to pre-install this software on a computer (such no requirement for server products). At sale all components of the OEM version the computer assembler has to transfer to the client, and the certificate of authenticity to paste on the computer case.

Is it possible to purchase the OEM version separately from the computer?
OEM versions of the software are ONLY for personal computer collectors and servers. They are not intended for distribution to end users separately from computer equipment.
Features of use
The term "personal computer" means a fully assembled computer system that includes at least a CPU, motherboard, hard drive, power supply, and enclosure. When replacing any component of the computer other than the motherboard, the user retains the right to use the OEM license. When replacing the motherboard, a new license is required, except in cases of replacing the motherboard with a similar or identical one during warranty repairs.

The user receives the rights to use OEM versions on the basis of a license agreement with the end user, concluded between the end user and the system collector. In particular, this agreement entitles the end user to the technical support of the product that the system provider is obliged to provide. The end user license agreement for the use of the OEM product is often distributed electronically and is displayed when the product is first launched. It is forbidden to rent or temporarily use a computer with the OEM version installed without purchasing additional licenses that give the right to rent Microsoft software (Rental Rights). The user has the right to transfer the OEM version together with the equipment. When transferring a computer with the OEM version installed, the owner must also transfer the full set of the OEM license.
OEM versions of Microsoft products are copy-protected, so their use will be restricted if the activation procedure is not performed. Activation can be done online or by calling the Activation Center.
Confirmation of legality
The necessary confirmation of the user's license rights is a certificate of authenticity affixed to the PC case.

For additional confirmation of licensing rights and accounting purposes, it is strongly recommended to keep the packaging, information media (hologram discs, if they are part of the product) and documents confirming the purchase. Information on confirming the legality of each specific product is contained in the end user license agreement.
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