StorSimple integrated with cloud storage
Cloud-integrated StorSimple (CiS) storage in combination with Microsoft Azure provides basic storage, backup, backup, and disaster recovery. This allows you to optimize the total cost of storage and increase data protection and speed of service. StorSimple integrates a common cloud with an internal cloud, simplifying the data center infrastructure, maximizing data protection, reducing total storage cost (TCO) by 60-80%, and speeding up storage preparation to free up time cycles of the information system.
  • StorSimple
    StorSimple integrates the cloud with the organization's internal storage and provides high-performance multi-level storage, dynamic archiving and cloud data protection, as well as disaster recovery, which reduces costs by 80% compared to traditional approaches.
  • Reduction of total cost of ownership by 60-80%
    The system can significantly reduce capital costs for storage (main storage, backup and disaster recovery functions), as well as related maintenance costs.

  • Maximum data protection
    Automate backups with local and cloud imagery to ensure ongoing data protection. Improve time recovery rates (RTOs) by loading only active datasets.

  • Simplification of data center infrastructureх
    Deploy a single StorSimple system integrated with Microsoft Azure to consolidate primary storage, backup hardware and software, archives, and disaster recovery tools.

  • Increasing the speed of storage preparation and freeing up temporary cycles of the information system
    Increase memory for a few minutes for master data, archives and backup data; free up significant temporary administrative resources through automatic backup and archiving procedures.

  • Testing fault recovery functions and improving their quality
    Now recovery after a multipoint fault in speed and simplicity compared to mounting a cloud image.

Advanced features
StorSimple provides the organization's internal storage, which integrates securely and easily with Microsoft Azure with a single solution. This system provides high-performance storage, dynamic archiving functions, as well as data protection tools based on cloud technology and disaster recovery, which reduces costs by 80% compared to traditional storage.
  • Corporate class storage
    StorSimple-based solutions provide the highest level of enterprise-wide availability, as well as fully redundant disk controllers, power supplies, and network connections, eliminating the single point of failure scenario. They also support the "invisible" software update process.
  • Security AES-256
    All data stored by StorSimple in the cloud is encrypted using AES-256. The encryption key is never transferred to StorSimple or a cloud service provider that provides full data protection and compliance with system requirements that are strictly compliant with the Public Health Liability and Data Transfer Act (HIPAA).
  • Solid state drive performance combined with cloud elasticity + economy
    Applications get the performance of a local solid state hard drive multiplied by the resilience of the cloud through automatic placement based on the BlockRankTM algorithm, which performs the same function for content blocks that Page Rank performs for Google.
  • Instant "thin" preparation of massive dynamic archives
    Instant "subtle" preparation allows the user to quickly and accurately prepare massive volumes of archives with "live" access and savings, typical of cloud systems. Thanks to automatic movement, old blocks can be transferred to the cloud without performing complex archiving procedures.
  • Fast backup and almost instant cloud recovery
    Incremental, non-duplicate images can reduce the level of storage requirements by more than 90%, while transmitting an instant image and restoring the technological parameters within minutes, not days. Cloud imagery can protect data outside the object with a cloud. Now saving any number of pictures is easy and less expensive - the limit of 30, 60 or 90 days no longer exists.
  • Fast recovery without tape media after a multipoint failure
    Cloud backups can be restored in the same or a different location. Now recovery after a failure in speed and ease compared to mounting a volume. The user can replace the tape media without having to double the investment in storage infrastructure.
  • One solution is simple integrated management
    Separating primary storage, archive resources, backup and recovery, and disaster recovery hardware means many separate management consoles. One integrated console greatly simplifies the process of managing the entire storage infrastructure, freeing up IT resources.
  • Repository optimized for application needs and data protection
    Application-optimized volumes can work with shared Windows file storage, SharePoint, and VMware libraries. Implemented full support for images that meet the requirements of the program and performed on the basis of a shadow copy of the volume (VSS).
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