VMware virtualization
VMware is a world leader in virtualization solutions, from desktop systems to data centers. VMware helps businesses of all sizes reduce capital and operating costs, ensure business continuity, increase security and protect data.

Server consolidation
vSphere with operations management
provides implementation, administration, connection and protection of applications in a single operating environment in different clouds.
vCenter Server
Server management software, a centralized platform for managing VMware vSphere environments, provides reliable automation in the hybrid cloud.
VSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler
vSphere Distributed Switch provides extensive monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities, rollback and recovery of network configuration, templates for backup and recovery of the virtual network. With Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), you can deploy new resources in a cluster and automatically migrate virtual machines without disrupting services.
vSphere Storage vMotion (Virtual Volumes)
a platform for the integration and administration of external repositories, which optimizes their operation and provides effective control at the VM level.

Products for data center virtualization and cloud infrastructure deployment
Begin your transition to the cloud with server virtualization. Then at a pace convenient to you, move to a fully virtualized software data center architecture by virtualizing the network, storage and security. Simplify the initialization of IT resources and applications and provide access to them in minutes. Complete private cloud creation by automating management for optimal performance, resource efficiency, and compliance with standards and regulations.
  • VMware vSphere
    Consolidate servers, increase availability and performance, and optimize resource utilization with a leading virtualization platform.
  • VMware Cloud on AWS
    balances workloads and prioritizes allocated resources to maximize the performance of critical applications.
  • vSphere with Operations Management
    takes the vSphere platform to the next level with intelligent operation management capabilities and consistent administration.
  • VMware vSAN
    provides clustering of server disks, radically simplified shared storage for virtual machines, forms a fault-tolerant, high-performance architecture.
  • NSX
    NSM-based VMware solution: VMware Cloud on AWS / vCloud NFV / VMware Enterprise PKS.
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager
    Disaster recovery software provides application protection and offers convenient management, interrupt-free testing, and fully automated environment recovery.
  • vCloud Suite
    enables the creation of an adaptive and efficient cloud infrastructure in the self-service mode.
Business continuity and disaster recovery solutions
High availability:
VMware vSphere vMotion і Storage vMotion
it is possible to transfer workloads between data center servers without increase of work for increase in service life of the equipment.
VMware vSphere High Availability
reduces the duration of unscheduled downtime of applications due to the automatic restart of the VM on available servers in case of hardware failure.
Fault tolerance:
VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance
provides continuous availability of applications in case of server failures by creating a background instance of the VM, which works synchronously with the main one. In the event of a failure, workloads are immediately transferred from the main instance to the background.
vSAN Stretched Clusters
enables synchronous data replication between geographically remote environments, which ensures the availability of applications even in the event of a failure in one of the locations.
VMware vSphere Replication
an asynchronous replication solution that copies data from the primary user environment to the backup.
Disaster recovery:
VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
automates and administers the process of emergency switching to the backup environment in case of failure of the main.
VMware Site Recovery
provides on-demand protection, uninterrupted testing and reporting, and eliminates the need for a backup data center.
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