Windows 10
Windows 10 Pro is a "desktop" operating system based on Windows 10 Home. The version is designed with small business in mind, allows you to effectively manage devices and applications, protect sensitive data, supports scenarios for the most productive remote and mobile use, allows you to use various cloud technologies.
This version can be used by Windows Update for Business to reduce maintenance costs, gain complete control over the installation of updates, maximum quick access to security updates and the latest Microsoft innovations.
Great choice for business →
  • Domain access
    Connect to a training, business domain or Azure Active Directory to work with network files, servers, printers, etc.
  • Advanced encryption
    BitLocker provides additional protection and securely protects your data through encryption and security management
  • Remote login
    Windows 10 allows you to log in through Remote Desktop and use a professional PC wherever you are.
  • Virtual computers.
    Hyper-V allows you to create and use virtual machines to run multiple operating systems on the same computer at the same time.
  • Your programs in the Store.
    Windows 10 allows you to create a personal application account in the Windows Store for easy access to company applications.
It just works

Windows 10 is the same Windows you're used to, only much better. Technologies such as InstantGo1 allow you to quickly turn on the device and resume work instantly. In addition, Windows 10 offers more built-in security than ever before, and reliably protects your device from malware.
Do everything at once
Perform many tasks at once as an unsurpassed master of your craft, using four applications on one screen at once. Crowded screen? Create virtual desktops to get more space and use only what you need. In this case, all your messages and basic settings will be collected in one easily accessible screen.
The best screen is the one you're using right now, because Windows 10 adjusts it to your actions and devices. On-screen features are adapted for easy navigation, and applications look perfect on both small and large screens.
She is yours - and only yours
Your Windows 10 device will always recognize and warmly greet you. With Windows Hello, the device greets you by name and turns on when it recognizes you. Login is performed automatically, and you do not need to remember and enter a password.
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