Box licenses (FPP)
Buying boxed Microsoft software is an easy way to purchase software for private users and small businesses.
Boxed versions offer a wide range of products, including operating systems, desktop applications, servers, games and hardware. Both full versions and upgrades are available in boxed operating systems. For other product categories - only full versions.
The main advantage of boxed versions
- the ability to transfer to another computer, which is not available, for example, for OEM versions of any products and corporate versions of Windows.

Features of use
When buying a version of the box and getting everything you need to install the product, do not forget that the purchase of software - is the purchase of a license, ie certain (limited) rights to use a particular product. For boxed versions, these rights are governed by the terms of the End User License Agreement.
The license agreement with the end user is often distributed electronically and is displayed when the product is first launched. The agreement specifies important aspects of use, such as the number of installations under one license, the ability to transfer the product to another PC, the need for activation and technical support from Microsoft, and lists the necessary components to verify the legality of the software. Downgrade is not available for box licenses, except for some development tools and servers.
Some Microsoft boxed products are copy-protected. In this case, the use of the product will be restricted if the activation procedure is not performed. Activation can be done online or by calling the Activation Center.
Confirmation of legality
Confirmation of the user's license rights is the Certificate of Authenticity (SOA) affixed to the box. For additional confirmation of licensing rights and accounting purposes, it is strongly recommended to keep the packaging, information media (hologram discs, if they are part of the product) and documents confirming the purchase.
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