Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Licensing Program
Leasing under the CSP program is an opportunity to improve and secure the work process, get a personal virtual office that does not overpay.
The main convenience of this program is Data Backup. No more fear that information will disappear due to computer breakdown or loss of laptop! The virtual office will allow you to store all the documents at hand in a safe space and the stench will be equally available on your work PC, tablet and smartphone. And if you take into account the possibility of activating Office 365 for 5 attached at the price of one License, then you save on the product.
Why Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)?
Fixed prices
Every software user wants to get the most out of it for less money. When searching for an IT solution, customers choose a service with a predictable price and understandable functionality. One of the options for providing an estimated price of the service is to fix the price.
Replacement of capital expenditures by operating costs (CAPEX -> OPEX)
Many companies have the task of reducing costs. Companies solve it in different ways: reduce budgets, lay off employees, reduce office space. One way to increase the financial efficiency of SMB is to gradually translate long-term and large capital expenditures with a long payback period (CAPEX) into fast and easy-to-manage operating (OPEX). This translation allows you to make more flexible management of the budget cycle, quickly redistribute finances within the company and adapt to changes in the external environment, not to "freeze" resources in the equipment, and use resources on a subscription basis.
Small monthly payments
Instead of a large one-time payment, you are given the opportunity to use those products that were previously unavailable. The cost of local (onpremise) Microsoft services for SMB companies can be quite high due to one-time payments. In addition to Microsoft Office, the CSP program provides a large set of subscription services and applications that are often not available to SMB customers due to high one-time costs.
By concluding CSP agreements, you will be able to:
  • Create your own unique solutions for different operating systems using the development environment available in CSP
  • Minimize software costs and no need for standardization
  • Connect to hundreds of sources of information, simplifying methods of its processing with the possibility of dynamic analysis, as well as integrate ready-made analytical tools into their applications, and much more
  • Manage the set and number of licenses and respond quickly to any changes in resources consumed through a flexible licensing model
  • Ensure the operation of all non-affiliated companies in a single environment
  • Predict monthly IT costs for your companies and greatly simplify the management of IT resources in general
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