Microsoft Software Assurance
Microsoft Software Assurance is a Microsoft support program designed to help corporate licensees make the most of their purchased software.
Software Assurance offers a universal software update mechanism, as well as a package of free services and tools that help effectively plan, develop and implement new products and solutions, train IT staff, reduce technical support costs, ie develop the organization's information infrastructure.
Benefits of Software Assurance
  • The right to upgrade to new versions
    Software Assurance customers have the right to use any new versions of products that will be released during the license agreement (Open License - 2 years, Open Value, Open Value Subscription, Multi-Year Open License, Open Subscription License, Enterprise Agreement and Enterprise Agreement Subscription -
    3 years), as well as quick access to improvements and new features that will complement the product in the current version
  • Installment payments
    Options for installment payment for licenses for three years (Open Value or Enterprise Agreement programs) or subscription to software with annual payment (Open Value Subscription and Enterprise Agreement Subscription programs), which are offered under Software Assurance, allow to reduce one-time investments, plan budget for information development enterprise systems for the next three years and legalize all necessary software.
  • Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack
    Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance is a dynamic solution to increase the reliability and simplify the deployment of desktop operating systems, which is available only to Windows SA customers with an additional subscription.
  • Consultations on implementation
    • Deyteris offers implementation advice provided for three groups of products to choose from: desktop operating systems and applications, SharePoint Server, Exchange Server and Lync Server. Deyteris certified specialists will help your company plan and prepare for the successful deployment of new software. Implementation planning is carried out in the form of consultations of our specialists, who together with you will develop a comprehensive deployment plan that combines analysis, feasibility study, description of processes and technical procedures for software installation. The number of free service days is determined by the terms of the Software Assurance agreement.
    • Development of OS and application deployment plan
    • Develop a SharePoint deployment plan
    • Develop an Exchange and Lync deployment plan
  • The right to use applications outside the office
    The right to use applications outside the office allows the main user of the device for which you purchased Software Assurance for Office, Project or Visio, remotely use virtual copies of licensed software installed in the data center, the devices do not belong to his organization (home PCs, Internet cafes)
  • Windows Virtual Desktop Access
    Windows Virtual Desktop Access allows you to access operating systems running in a virtual operating environment on your servers from computers for which Software Assurance for Windows was purchased (until July 1, 2010, such a license was called VECD for SA and was purchased on an additional subscription basis. ). In addition, the main users of devices with Windows SA can now connect to their virtual workstations not only from this PC, but also additional devices that do not belong to the organization (for example, from a home computer).
  • Switch to Professional / Enterprise
    Software Assurance customers who use standard editions of desktop applications or server products can switch to Enterprise or Professional editions if the functionality of the standard editions becomes insufficient. The transition is made by purchasing an SA Step-up license, the cost of which is calculated as the difference between the cost of the Software Assurance license in the Standard and Professional / Enterprise editions. SA Step-up licenses are the only privileged option to switch from one edition to another, which is offered only to Software Assurance users.
  • Product support in the extended phase

    The Extended Lifecycle Hotfix service has been available since July 2005, allowing Software Assurance users with a Premier or Essential Support agreement to subscribe to an Extended Hotfix Support Agreement if they need an operational installation of special fixes (Hotfix). This will ensure the security of the IT infrastructure and reduce the cost of technical support.

    The annual fee for this service is now included in the cost of Software Assurance, in addition, you do not need to subscribe within 90 days of the transition of the product to the Extended Support Phase (Extended Support).

  • 24x7 technical support
    In addition to unlimited telephone support for office products and desktop operating systems, Microsoft corporate customers have the opportunity to receive free incidents of extended technical support over the phone and unlimited web support for server products in Russian, which provides an effective mechanism for solving technical problems.
  • Online learning
    The eLearning online learning program offered by Microsoft provides the opportunity to learn online on the basis of courses prepared by professional teachers. This form of training is convenient because the employees of the organization can study interactive modules and training programs from different products at a pace convenient for them and in their workplace. There is a regular update of the content of training courses.
    The content of the courses depends on the products for which SA licenses have been purchased (for example, when purchasing SA for server products, training on server products is provided.в).
  • Office on home PC
    Companies - Customer Software Assurance can increase employee productivity and get the most out of investments in Microsoft Office System, give employees the opportunity to work at home on a legal product of the Microsoft Office family (including Microsoft Access, Excel, FrontPage, InfoPath, Office, OneNote, PowerPoint, Project Standard Edition, Publisher, Visio and Word). The number of EMPLOYEES entitled to home use is determined by the number of SA licenses purchased. In this case, the use of products is not subject to any restrictions - the employee can use the software for both employees and for personal purposes as long as he works in this organization.
  • Training vouchers

    Software Assurance customers have the opportunity to provide their employees with training vouchers in a certified technical training center "Network Technologies". Training Centers guarantee the highest level of training, providing effective preparation for the exams for the status of a certified specialist. Training is conducted by certified Microsoft teachers on official training materials (Microsoft Official Curriculum). The subject of the courses does not depend on which products are licensed.

    Learn more about free Software Assurance training

  • Windows for obsolete PCs
    The Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs operating system is designed to run on outdated hardware and reduces support costs and improves security and manageability. This operating system will be available only to customers who have purchased Software Assurance for Windows Professional. Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs is built on the same code as Windows XP SP2, but supports earlier computer modifications to reduce the number of IT support operating systems and ensure a smooth transition to modern systems when replacing older computers.
  • Cold redundancy server
    Customers who purchase Software Assurance for Microsoft server products receive a free additional license to use the cold backup server for disaster recovery. A cold redundancy server is a server that is down until a crash occurs. You cannot use this server to run applications or network services.
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